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A Quick Trip To The Makeup Show 2017

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Hi there!
I decided to hit up The Makeup Show today at Revel Fulton Market. I've gone to this several times and it's always worth the trip for the savings you get! Last year I went as press, but this year the Press Preview was on Father's Day and I just couldn't leave my husband on Father's Day after the amazing Mother's Day he made sure I had!!!

So I decided to just buy a 1-Day ticket at the door. Sounds simple right?

Today was one of those days when I really needed to get my life together! Here's all the stuff that went wrong with my trip to The Makeup Show:

I actually got recognized TWICE! I was shocked anyone would ever know who I am! But Tayy at the LipBar followed me on Instagram and another YouTuber named Michelle told me she's watched my channel as we walked by eachother near the SmashBox booth.  
I forgot my business cards. The makeup show requires you show some sort of proof you work in "the industry." A business card is enough. I was 2/3 of the way to my friends house - slated to arrive EARLY (which for me is basically unheard of) - when I realized I'd forgotten my business cards! So I had to go alllllllll the way home. Because I live in Chicago and traffic is ridiculous at all hours of the day, I ended up picking Vanessa up 30 minutes late. 
There was no parking. This is no surprise, really. The show was at Revel Fulton Market, which is in the West Loop, an area that is extremely crowded. There was no parking nearby so I parked about a mile away and we Uber'd to the show. Simple! Ummm, no. Remember those business cards?
I forgot them again!!!!! In my damn car, which was a mile away! Thankfully the lady at the counter took pity on me and took Vanessa's word that I should be allowed in!
My MAC Purchases
But they didn't take my credit card!!!! I only have a Discover Card. My husband gave it to me for all my charges. It's all I got! Problem? Some places won't accept Discover - LIKE THE MAKEUP SHOW!!! (And Makeup Forever, which I discovered later.) I did not have enough cash on me to cover the ticket. Thankfully Vanessa saved my ass for the 2nd time in 30 seconds and paid for me. She said I could Chase Pay her back the $60. No problem, right???

He found a T-Rex! They loved him at this booth!
Except I couldn't remember my Chase login!!! I tried every password and capital letter and symbol combination I could think of too. NOTHING! Thank God for PayPal!!!

OK - after that, it went fairly smoothly (except that hiccup at Makeup Forever which left me with nada, but that's ok!)
He had fun swatching all the Blues he could find in the display at this booth
Oh wait! I brought a 5 year old!!! Maybe if I'd brought my daughter it would have been different, but my son was having none of this show and kept asking me when we were leaving LOL! Saving grace - he got a lot of attention from the ladies and people offered him enough candy that I was able to make it to all the booths I wanted to despite his complaining.

Overall, it was a quick, but fun visit! I got just a few really cool items! I think I'll make a Haul Video to show how the aqua color palettes I got from Mehron work.
I bought all 5 palettes for $120 so I can up my face painting game! 
The colors are INSANE! 
Until next time,

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