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Swimming Like a Mermaid with AquaMermaid

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Hi there! 

Didn't every little girl want to be a mermaid after seeing "The Little Mermaid"??? Ariel is definitely one of my favorite princesses! And I had a chance to discover that being a mermaid is HARD WORK!!!
Aquamermaid.com gave me and my Sister-In-Law the chance to swim like a mermaid - tail and all - and it was really fun!!!

Sad part - I hardly have ANY PHOTOS!!!  

I bought a disposable water camera and NONE of the photos came out!!! I'm so bummed! I searched the #Aquamermaid hashtag on Instagram to see if anyone from our class shared the group photos, and thankfully I was able to find two of our group. #Hashtaghaters - this is why they are useful!!!
I'd also asked someone to take a few snaps of me in my tail on my cell phone before I left.  So this is all I can show you.

But if you're looking for a fun time with your friends and a CRAZY core workout, you should try this class!
It was HARD! You'd never realize how difficult it is to stay afloat without being able to use your feet. If your core is weak - LIKE MINE!!! - you will struggle a little bit. But it's still fun! By the end of the class I felt comfortable enough to do some forward and backward flips and was able to use the synchronized swimming techniques they teach to keep myself afloat.
A class is $60 and this is the layout of the hour:
-5 min Tails choice, How to wear and take care of your mermaid tail
-10 min Swimming warm up without the tail, Swimming level evaluation
-5 min Swimming with the mermaid tail and floaters
-10 min Swimming without floaters
-20 min Swimming techniques
-5 min Games and free swim
-5 min Take your own photos
I do wish the photos could have been at the beginning before my hair was a mess and some of my makeup washed off, but  we made it work afterward.

I should have listened to my Husband and got a GoPro - but I was feeling cheap LOL! But now you know - don't trust a disposable camera!
So contact Nora at Aquamermaid to schedule your class! You can even schedule a private party with all your friends! Try it out!

Until next time!

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