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Thanks, Heather.

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"Many of you are in the trenches with your little CCK's wondering when life will get easier. Power through Mama's! There is a day coming in the not too distant future when those babies will grow into amazing children who do things that blow you away. This weekend I have had a terrible cold. I was unable to attend church this morning but since my hubby is the pastor he had to go. Lol. I was awakened this morning to breakfast in bed by my little girl. She had done everything all by herself. The dogs had been taken care of and she cleaned the kitchen after herself. She is now hanging out with me today having girl time. It gets better, much, much better. The whining will be replaced with beautiful conversations. The diapers will be replaced with laundry that they can do for themselves. The chores you slave over will become shared responsibilities, the time away from your spouse will be restored, the exhaustion will become sweet rest again. Hold on Mamas! It is worth it! You are taking care of the ones who will one day be able to take care of you. You are amazing hero's Mamas." - Heather A.H.W

I needed to hear this on Sunday.  And when I read it, I couldn't hold back the tears.  In the car, on the way to Taste of Serbia with my husband, kids and a friend, I cried like a little baby.  I'd finally gotten myself under control and my husband asked me to tell him what was wrong, and I cried all over again.  And that's ok, because sometimes a mama just needs to cry it out.

I belong to a group on Facebook of moms who all have children less than 2 years apart.  There are a lot of us. It's the only "Mom Group" I belong to, because they understand how it is having so many littles and they DO. NOT. JUDGE. It's not allowed and it's great!  This post is from a mama in that group.  

My kids are all about 18 months apart. There are days when I'm with my kids and the stress just gets to me.  Although we planned all of our kids to be close together, there are times when things aren't going so well that I wonder if maybe it was a mistake having them all so fast. There are so many little people needing so many things at once and it can be overwhelming! Somedays I just feel like I'm failing miserably. Trust me - having a newborn when your oldest is 3 is a WORLD of difference from having a newborn with a 17-18 month old.  Those few months make a HUGE difference.  When #2 was born, #1 still needed SO MUCH attention.  But when #1 was just about to turn 3 and #3 was born, he was so independent - taking himself to the bathroom, getting his own snacks, picking out activities and keeping himself occupied.  It's  a HUGE help when one of your children can keep themselves occupied and don't need you for every little thing.  

And sometimes I just need to be reminded that the time when they don't need me constantly is coming and I just need to chill out and enjoy what's happening instead of freaking out and being so stressed.  I need to remember that one day my babies won't be babies and I'll be able to sleep again. My husband and I will be able to share a bed again - ALONE.  The time will come when the hardest of the hard days is over and maybe I'll feel like ME again.  And my kiddies will still be by my side, a little bigger and a little more independent .  And we'll enjoy each other in a completely different way.

I was stressed that particular day - very little sleep with several interruptions, a photoshoot in the hot sun with my kids who refused to nap afterward, and then schlepping them, exhausted and misbehaving, to an outdoor festival. I was bothered and taking it out on my husband.  And this reminded me to stop.

So, thank you Heather for this message.  You stopped my crap attitude, brought me back to my senses that day and reminded me the future is bright.  I'll remember this from now on.

And, we ended up having a good time that evening!


Until next time,


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