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Missed SHOPportunity

Hi there, 

Let me tell you about the mistake I made this weekend! 

I was SO excited to have been invited to my first real blogger event. I've been invited to a few parties for a jewelry and fashion line, but those weren't blogger-only parties. This event was being thrown to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Each blogger was going to be given a $100 gift card and 2 hours to shop. Then we were to come back for lunch and show each other what we bought with our money. How cool is that??? They were going to pay me to shop!!! That's my kind of event! I was SO EXCITED!!!! So, I invited my friend and fellow blogger, Melissa, to come along to this event. Because, free money! 

Well, here's where it went wrong - I apparently didn't read the email properly.  

I shop at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago a LOT. They are only 10 minutes from my house and there are a lot of my favorite stores there - Forever 21, Gap, Vince Camuto, Saks,  Bloomies...There's always something to buy there! So, when I opened the email and saw "Chicago Premium Outlets," well, I guess I just saw "Chicago" and "Outlets" and made an assumption. And boy was I wrong. The Fashion Outlets are in Rosemont, but the Chicago Premium Outlets are in Aurora, 45 MINUTES AWAY! (I used to shop there a lot also before I had kids because I don't mind the drive. But now that I'm never on my own, it's just too far. I haven't been there in about 2 years now.)

Would you believe neither of us even realized that we were at the wrong location until we were already there???? Jeez. By that time, it was too late to possibly make it to the event.  So, we both missed out on a fun chance to shop and also a great networking opportunity. Oh well. Hopefully there will be more events soon. 

And even though we didn't get to shop on the mall's dime, we still took the opportunity to shop around. I'll take any opportunity to shop without my kiddos (or husband!) rushing me! LOL! And, Melissa is an awesome lifestyle and wedding photographer. She'd brought her camera along and was kind enough to snap some photos for me.  
I loved my outfit that day! I wanted to wear something that would stand out just a little bit. My tunic is from Torrid. I'm just loving the totally buttoned up look these days! My jeans are from Forever 21 (I wear them all the time) and my shoes are by Guess, but bought at Ross (which I LOVE for shoes! I hate paying for shoes!!!)

My lip color is Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Vintage. It's been a while since I wore this particular color,  but I really love a purple lip! Purple is for sure my go-to bright color. I applied this lip color at 9:45am, in my car on the way to the event. I made a SnapChat video to show that I went to bed after 11:45pm that night, hadn't reapplied, and that lip color was still ON!!! (I forgot to save the video, and if you are on SnapChat, you know it's already disappeared!) It was crazy! I love the Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks! They can be drying, but moisturize beforehand and apply a little lip balm on top throughout the day and you'll be just fine.

Hopefully I'll be able to come back to tell you all about another Blogger event soon!  In the meantime, keep following for more random nonsense :)  And, thanks Melissa for joining me that day and for taking these awesome photos!!!  If you need a photographer in Chicago, be sure to check her out HERE!

Until next time,


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  1. Such a shame you did not achieved to shop, next time you will have more luck. Great look by the way xoxox


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