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I'm. So. Tired.

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Hi there!

I'm tired. So tired that I let things get wild and crazy around here today and now I've just given up and turned on the TV so I could sit here and write this.

I've been struggling with sleeping lately.  It's been weeks (like 6 maybe?) and I haven't slept more than 6 hours in a night, and it's usually broken by a child waking or having to get up to go to the bathroom 2-3 times (that's a whole other issue, man!).  My bedtime lately has been around 1am.  I just can't wind down at night. Sometimes it's because I drank too much soda in the evening in an attempt to get some energy. But usually it's just because I get caught up in Glam-Momming and always find one more thing I need to do before I go to sleep, until I just can't keep my eyes open anymore.

Last night was another 1am night.  I stayed up with husband watching The People VS OJ Simpson (ADDICTED!!!) and blogging. #3 woke up crying at 6:03am.  Husband was sleeping with him in another room and took are of him, but it woke me up and that was that.  We had to be up extra early to make it to a 9am birthday party anyway (this is basically torture for us), so I just sucked it up and got dressed so we'd be on time. We were still 15 minutes late. Don't ask me how.

#2 refused to sleep last night until after 11pm, and #1 and #3 dozed off around 10pm, so I thought for sure they'd be extra tired today.  I was wrong.  #3 slept in the car home from the party for 30 minutes. #1 didn't sleep at all.  After some crying, #2 slept for about an hour.  I put her to sleep in #1's room and I kept #1 and #3 in #3's room with me, gated in, and prayed they'd fall asleep. They didn't.  I just laid in the bed while they played around me.  Finally I just gave #1 my phone with The Backyardigans on YouTube and asked him to watch with his brother while I rested. I just couldn't stay awake. I haven't done this in a long time. I know it's not the best idea. But they were contained (or so I thought!) and I just needed to rest my eyes for a few minutes. I really don't think I was asleep for more than a few minutes, but I have no idea. But I woke up when #2 came to the door telling me she wasn't tired (Sure kid. That's why you just slept for an hour).

#1 was gone.  He's climbed the gate.

#3 was cuddled up next to me (because he's the cuddliest little cuddle bug on earth!!!)
My glasses were not where I left them.  
I found them on a different bed (I'll explain this soon).
They were bent. Badly.


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I thought for sure I'd left my glasses right next to me, hidden under the blanket so this exact thing would not happen. But #3 is obviously a super-sleuth and found them and played with them till they were practically a Photo Booth prop.

OK. I was able to bend them back enough that they are still wearable. Thank goodness I have insurance on them.  I'll have to try to get them fixed or get a new pair.  

I found #1 in my bed watching TV.  OK. That's ok. 

I got distracted Snap-Chatting about how #3 broke my glasses. #1 starts trying to steal candy he saw on my dresser.  By climbing into the drawers! Thankfully, I stopped him before he started.  He ran off downstairs. Which is not good because that means someone (husband probably) left the gate at the top of the stairs open and I didn't know and was letting baby #3, who can't climb down the stairs alone, wander around the floor. Meanwhile #2 has gone silent. So I go searching for her.

I found her.

Covered in lipgloss.

Lipgloss that had fallen out of my pocket and she found on the floor and I'd just taken away from her a few minutes before, but obviously didn't put high enough out of her reach to keep her from playing with it.

OK.  I just laughed and brought her downstairs so I could get my camera and take a photo. Because, she looked really cute and she was proud, and I was too tired to be mad.
So, I get downstairs and #1 is hiding. Under the dining room table. With a box GoGurt (We call them yogurt pops because we freeze them for a special treat.) Thankfully he wasn't able to get them open.

I clean up #2's face after snapping her photo. 

I gave the kids all dry cereal as a snack because that's what they wanted.  #3 throws his all over the floor.  Thankfully #1 is a master with the dust buster, so he volunteered to clean it up. 

#2 says she has to poop. So I put her in the bathroom. She has a habit of trying to wipe herself, so I didn't replace the toilet paper roll just to avoid the temptation for her.

#1 asked me for help with his Legos. 

While I'm working with him, #3 rips down one of the vertical blinds off the back sliding doors (he has a bad habit of doing this). I pull out the scotch tape to fix it.  (Yep, you read that right. If you care, ask me and I will explain.)  

Simultaneously, #2 comes out of the bathroom with no pants on telling me she's done.  I run in to see what damage she has left behind by getting off the toilet all by herself, only to find she went in the drawer and got new toilet paper, put it on the roll and wiped herself.  All things I told her not to do.  But hey, it could have been worse.  It HAS been worse.  

I had to take a break to type this because #3's diaper fell off.  He's now barking while looking out the window at the next door neighbor's house.

#1 and #2 are playing a game with a paper cutter (again, you read that right. But don't worry, it's safe. I think.)

And I'm just sitting her making sure they don't tear the place down and praying they go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight without a fight.  

This isn't even a bad day.  It's just a day.  Normal kid stuff.

They are cute and sweet and smart and I love them beyond words.  I just don't have enough hands or eyes. And the ones I do have are sooooo sleepy!

Paw Patrol will be on for a while longer.

Despite this afternoon's nonsense, the kids had a great time at the birthday party we went to this morning.  Here are a few photo highlights:
 Me and my #3
 We went to a place called Happy Play Cafe in Lincoln Park. Super cute and fun for the kids! They have parakeets and bunnies to feed!
 He was so brave and excited to feed the birds!
He was not so excited to feed the birds.
Happy Sunday!


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  1. I know this won't make you feel any better, but "this too shall pass" - however, you will never not be tired - as my sons are 20 and 23 and I still don't get enough sleep!