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Get Messes In Your Home Organized FAST with Hefty Slider Bags


  Hi there! 
If you read my blog, there's a very high likelyhood you have kids. I have a lot of kids. OK, not THAT many. I have 3. And they make some HUGE messes. And I'm ALWAYS looking for creative solutions to organize the mess.  And even more than creative, I need the solutions to be FAST!!!
I have a problem with buying toys. Especially learning toys. Because I want my kids to be the smartest kids ever. Don't we all??? It's pretty ridiculous the things I will buy. One of the things we have a LARGE collection of is puzzles. They're good for the brain right? OK. But they are also HARD TO KEEP TOGETHER!!!! At least for my kids.  The pieces end up EVERYWHERE! So, I started using Hefty Slider Bags to store the pieces! 

I've been doing this for a while, and it's not an innovative idea. I actually picked up this idea from another mom. I bought some puzzles second-hand and when I picked them up, they were in storage bags with the box cover folded inside so the kids would know what the puzzle was supposed to look like. INGENIOUS! No broken cardboard boxes, no loose pieces. All the pieces are in one place and labelled, easy to find and easy to clean up! And because the bags aren't zip-close, but sliders, my kids can open and close them without my help!
 FYI - My 5 year old took these photos.  
I purchases my latest batch of Hefty Slider Bags at Walmart. And why Hefty instead of Ziplock? Well, overall, they are cheaper! And I've found that they are stronger, thanks to the MaxLock track design. And, some of these puzzles push the bags to their limit - so I need them to be strong!
 This is a 36-piece giant floor puzzle. It definitely pushed the storage bag to its limit, but the seal held tight!
Definitely pushed to its limit!
My kids got some new puzzles recently. They took them out of their boxes, which promptly got smashed and things kept falling out. And, well, THIS is the result.
So, it's super simple. I just sort the pieces quickly (some are probably missing, but I'll figure that out later.) Put each puzzle in their own bag and label it. Then toss it in the puzzle bin!
And, DONE! This took me about 30 minutes. NBD. I did it while they weren't around so they wouldn't be stealing the pieces and running off!

This is just ONE way to use these bags.  There are a TON of other things you can do with them. They actually have a whole page of Helpful Hefty Hints for you to check out!  Click over to see if there are any ideas you find interesting!

And also, are you an Ibotta user??? Well, Hefty is offering a rebate to anyone who reads this post! Check Ibotta to find out how to redeem it! 

That's all, y'all!  

Until next time,


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  1. Oh yes, this is a great idea. My daughter has a lot of puzzle pieces too, and I can put her Legos and toy figures there too!

  2. This is such a good idea! I am a clean freak myself.