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Fall Momiform

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Hi there!
So, listen. I get dressed every day before I leave the house, even just to take the kids to school and come home again.  I'm not the kind to go anywhere in my pajamas - never have been. Here's an example of why I do this:

A few weeks ago, I told one of #2's teachers that I was going to shadow them on a field trip a pumpkin farm. Well, the day of the trip, I kind of decided I didn't want to go so when I got to the school I told the teacher I wouldn't be there. BUT - she assumed I wanted to help on the trip so she didn't assign my daughter to a chaperone so I HAD to go! What if I hadn't gotten dressed??? Brushed my teeth? I'd have been SO EMBARRASSED having to go to the pumpkin farm with all the other chaperones looking an absolute mess. There was no time that I could have gone home to change! So yea for getting myself together!  

Sometimes I pick my outfits out the night before. Yesterday I hadn't and it was COLD! I was running late so I had to figure out something fast. So I went straight to the "jackets" section of my closet and pulled out this cargo jacket that I honestly forgot I had! I haven't seen it probably since the first time I wore it!  

Paired with a plain white tee from ASOS, my favorite High-Rise Skinnies from Old Navy and my new AWESOME booties from Ross Dress for Less make a pretty simple, but cute Momiform. I can see myself wearing some version of this often over the next few weeks. And it was EASY!  Can't go wrong with jeans and a tee! Add a choker (which are so popular again!) and a high pony for extra funk.
So basically, I was just feeling myself yesterday :) LOL

Create your own similar look with the links before!
Until next time,


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