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PajamaJeans? They're not what you think...

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Hi there!

I know you've heard of them.  Maybe you've even giggled at the commercials.  Jeans that are as comfortable as your pajamas???  Yeah, right.  But let me tell you - the PajamaJeans commercials aren't lying.

These PajamaJeans were sent to me for review and I was actually hesitant to try them, just because I had some pre-concieved notions based on what I've seen on TV.  So here's what I honestly think of them:


1 - They are actually comfortable! They have stretch to them, kind of like a jegging. But they are different from a jegging because they have pockets, both front and back.  I squatted in them and was able to move easily.
2 - They have a good mid-rise waist, so you don't have to worry about muffin top. And they have a drawstring! So you don't have to worry about them slipping down.

3 - They come in a variety of cuts and colors. I ordered the skinnies.

Which brings me to...


Even though I'm plus size, I have RIDICULOUSLY skinny legs. The PajamaJeans I'm wearing in these photos are an XL Skinny.  But they are far from skinny. They are more like boot cut. On a person with normal size legs, these would fit much better. But on me, cuffing them was the only way to make them work. If I order again, I'd size down to the Large for sure.

Would I buy another pair? Sure!!! I'm all for a comfortable pair of jeans! I LIVE in jeans! And they don't slip down? I can bend over and my ass crack doesn't show? Sold!

So if you've been thinking of trying them, go for it! All the links in this post will get you 15% off your order!!! So take advantage now! And then let me know what you think!

Until next time,


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