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8 Reasons To See Cavalia!

Hi there!

Did you see my InstaStory the night that I saw Cavalia at Soldier Field??? It was a really nice time, you guys!!!
Now, I'm going to tell you a few reasons you should see the show! And keep reading - at the end I'm going to give you a way to get a good price on your tickets!
1 - I got to go to the VIP tent for a lovely spread of food and desserts, free drinks and even popcorn to enjoy during the show. WOW - they know how to treat their VIPs!!! If you can, get the VIP tickets!!! It's totally worth it!!!
2 - The acrobatic are AMAZING!!! Cavalia is similar to Cirque du Soleil, but on horses. The horses are beautiful, but in my opinion the acrobatics are the reason to go. These people are STRONG!!! There is a carousel scene that is really amazing and beautiful!
3 - These guys on these bouncy stilt things, called Skyrunners, are freaking cool! These guys are doing crazy high flips over all sorts of things!  You will definitely gasp!

4 - The music is great. There is a live singer, singing in Spanish and the music has a Latin feel with changing rhythms, which will have you bobbing your head.

5 - The scenery is BEAUTIFUL!!! The whole stage is made of sand, which kind of looks like rolling green hill's with certain lighting scenery. It's gorgeous. There is also a huge screen with moving scenes - clouds, pyramids, mountains - it's really mesmerizing. 

6 - There are some super awesome African gymnasts and drummers. They have a great scene where they make the audience chant a phrase that no one understands - until they reveal it on the big screen - "No More War On Earth."

7 -
As I've already said, the scenery is amazing.  And then - they make it rain on stage. And THEN - they FILL THE STAGE WITH WATER! And the horses and cast perform in it. Beware - if you sit front row, you WILL get wet!
8 - The horses of course!!! This show is all about horses! These ponies prance so beautifully and the riders have such amazing control.  There is a group of small white horses dancing together that is seriously adorable.
The show is high energy, while still having a very ethereal feel. The end of Act 1 was bananas. The tricks they were doing! People bouncing on and off their horses, riding them backwards, doing flips underneath the horse??? OMG! It was kind of shocking! You will hear gasps of shock and lots of cheering and applauding. It's really cool.

So! If you want to check it out - use the code SOCIAL to get 15% off your tickets on Cavalia.com! The show closes May 21st, so don't wait!


Mathieu from the Cavalia crew has given me 4 TICKETS TO GIVEAWAY!!! They are for this coming Saturday, May 6th at 7:30. Want to win them??? Leave me a comment  below, on this blog post about what part of this show you'd love to see in person! I will pick the winner Friday (5/5/17) at 9PM!

Let me know if you have any questions about the show! And good luck on the giveaway!!!

Until next time!


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  1. I would love to see the acrobatic! I hope I win the tickets. Looks amazing ��

  2. The gymnasts sound amazing, but I would want to see the horses!

  3. Omg!! I'd freak out if I won! I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Shows like this. This looks 1 million times better than what medieval times! I'd be the happiest person ever if I got to see this omg.. fingers crossed!!! This looks incredible!!

  4. It's hard to choose just 1 but what strikes my attention the most, I think, would be the water performance. I'm always amazed at the talent in these shows. This looks AMAZING!!! I would love to see it!

  5. I have been wanting to see this forever! I think the girls would love it. Your experience looks amazing!

  6. We Love! love! horses and would be happy to see the show!

  7. I have been wanting to go see this show. Looks Amazing!

  8. This show looks both whimsical and mesmerizing! I really hope to see it soon! I know it would astonish my son. ☺️

  9. I would love to see the skyrunners! Acrobatics like that WOW me!

  10. Commenting on behalf of Milena Madaj because she was having trouble leaving a comment. -ML

  11. I would love to see the crazy acrobatics on horse!

  12. This looks amazing! The horses the singing the acrobatics the scenery! I'd love to see this. I honestly thought there was just going to be horses in that tent until I seen your snapchat that evening!

    1. It dsnt list my name above. It's Sharon Rosa!!