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My Mother's Day Wish List

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Hi there!

Mother's Day is in a few days! Yea!!! 

I don't care. It's really just another day.  

But since what to get a Mother for Mother's Day is always a worry for husbands across the country, here are a few things I know I'd like for Mother's Day. Feel free to use it as inspiration.

1 - I want to sleep until at LEAST 8am. Preferably with no child in my bed kicking me in the back all night long or screaming out my name in their sleep waking me up for no reason.

2 - I'd like bacon for breakfast. From IHOP is fine. No need for a crowded Mother's Day brunch somewhere. That's annoying.
3 - Mother's Day is on Sunday.  So, I'd like to watch whatever Housewives series is airing on Bravo at the time it actually airs instead of having to stay up until midnight to catch up like I usually do.
Patomac is coming on, so everyone shut it.
5 - I don't want to have to wash the dishes.

6 - Can someone please match all these fucking socks????  I just can't keep up! Better yet - throw all these in the trash and buy new ones.  
7 - I'd like a chocolate cake from Portillo's. 

8 - A cleaning lady.

That's it. 

Well OK, if you WANT to buy me something, here's something I'd love to have:

That's it. I don't actually NEED this, but it's pretty. I'm good with hugs and kisses and handmade things from my kiddos. DO NOT BUY ME FLOWERS. OR CHOCOLATE. Gummy bears are OK though. You can skip the Hallmark card, too. 

Until next time,


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