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Parents' Night Out(fits)!

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Hi there!
We've had such a busy few  days! Events, more events, photoshoots, running, family time. I'm exhausdted!!!

Last week was the 1st Grade Parents' Gathering at Gaslight on Clark St. in Lincoln Park. I'm one of the 1st grade chair, so we had to plan the event. It was fun buying decorations and setting up for it. Many guests showed up later than expected, so we were worried at first that no one was going to show up. But it ended up being a really nice event.
The 1st Grade Grade Chairs
Me and Hubby
I wore this super cute pink corduroy jumpsuit from Eloquii. I got a text message from them when it was released and I IMMEDIATELY ordered it. It fits so nice and has stretch to it, so it's really comfortable.  It was a total hit at the party!

This past Monday was the SK (Senior Kindergarten) Parent Gathering. I didn't have to arrange anything for this one, just attend. We were a little late because we had to wait for my mom to get off work before she could come sit with the kids. That's ok - it went kind of late.
It was at this super cute hotel bar called the J. Parker inside the Hotel Lincoln. We drive by this hotel regularly, but never considered going inside. It looks like a dive on the outside, but inside, it's adorable!!!
Inside the Hotel Lincoln
The event was nice. In all honesty, I have a really hard time at functions like these. I'm quite the introvert. I don't do well with small talk, especially with strangers. It takes me a VERY long time to open up. It's a fault I've had my whole life. I try to get through it, but in general, I just kind of shut down in social situations and it honestly makes it hard to make friends. My husband is one of the few people that I can talk to without trouble, so I tend to cling to him. Which can look weird at parties LOL! I almost always end up standing in a group of guys, just so I can stick close to my husband, and then I think it makes the women think I don't like them. That's not true - I just find it easier to stay with my husband than make myself and everyone else uncomfortable with my awkward conversation LOL
ANYWAY! Despite my behavior (which was even worse because I drank a vodka cocktail really quickly without eating any food!), I looked cute!!!
I ordered this top the same day I ordered the jumpsuit and I love the fit of it.

And can we talk about this little purse?!??! I got this in London from Primark. It was the equivalent of about $13. I looked and they don't have it anymore. But they have a smaller, cheaper version HERE.
Next week is Halloween and then my BIRTHDAY!!! So be on the lookout for more fun outfit posts after the 4th :)

Until next time!


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1 comment

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