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Puzzles The Whole Family Can Do

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Hi there!
A few weeks ago when we went on vacation to Europe, we bought all of our kids iPads to take on the trip. We knew they were going to need entertainment. Until that trip, we only had 1 iPad and they had to shate it. That would NOT work on an 8 hour flight.
But we knew the iPads were going to become an addiction, so I tried to load them with apps that would at least stimulate their brains a little. I want to share one that has become a favorite - Jigsaw Puzzle.
It is its name - jigsaw puzzles. Over 20,000 of them to choose from!!!
What's super cool about it is you can choose the number of pieces the puzzles have. Only a few for kids to do, or up to 400 pieces for adults - even more if you are using a tablet. 
This was an awesome way to spend time on our trip and it's carried over at home. I love this app and so do my kids! When I have a few minutes of down time, I turn this on.
It's been a benefit because as a stay at home mom, sometimes my days get all caught up in house work and errands (and blogging) and I don't get much time to do things to really stimulate my brain. We all know puzzles, of any kind,  help keep your brain sharp. So I love that I have access to so many colorful and challenging puzzles right on my phone or iPad. And they are great practice for the kids too!
Learn more about Jigsaw Puzzle by downloading the game in the Apple Store or the Google Play store.


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