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The Makeup Show 2018

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Hi there!!!

Just wanted to share a quick post about The Makeup Show!
Last night I was invited to a super fun Drag Makeup and Fashion Show at Revel Fulton Market to kick off The Makeup Show weekend! I'd never been to any sort of drag show, so I was super excited! The makeup was fabulous! Here are a few photos:
This morning was the press preview. I'm so dumb - for some reason I put it in my calendar for 9:30am, when it actually started at 9!!! I made it at exactly 9:30, and thankfully I didn't miss much. The Makeup Show is always so generous and gives a fabulous gift bag to press. I haven't had time to open it yet, but I will probably make a video of all of the items from the gift bag and items that I purchased. I tried to be reasonable, but sometimes the pretty colors just have me mesmerized and I lose control!!!
I didn't take many photos, mostly videos. But I got some good stuff and can't wait to test it all out!!! Look out for posts coming up soon! 

I had a hard time deciding what to wear, but I'd just gotten these track pants from Eloqii the night before and they are so cute! So I decided to keep it comfy since I was going to be walking around all morning.
These track pants are on sale for 30% off this weekend! And the more you buy, the more you'll save!
As you can see I got a few things from Frends amd Urban Decay, but that's def not all. I'll share soon!

Have a great weekend y'all!

Until next time,

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