Happy Thanksgiving from my new SHOPSTYLEit account and my yummy turkey! | The Glam Mom

Happy Thanksgiving from my new SHOPSTYLEit account and my yummy turkey!

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Hi there!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!  I know we did!  We decided to do more of a potluck at our house this year.  Everyone made a thing or 2 and brought it over.  It made for a more relaxed holiday.  I tend to get really, really stressed about hosting events at our house - a lot of yelling occurs.  I just didn't want to be like that this time, so asking everyone to bring something made it a lot less stressful for me (and my husband because I wasn't constantly yelling at him on the verge of tears!).

My mom brought over her delish mac and cheese, a roast, a ham and some Jamaican Rice and Peas (one of my favorite things in the WORLD!) Husband's Aunt Bea brought over her yummy green bean casserole, a salad and 2 communist pies (this is an inside joke - if you weren't there, you just wouldn't understand lol!).  My sister in law brought over mashed potatoes, some AWESOME gluten and dairy free corn bread (sweet and delish - no one would EVER know!) and some cookies.  My father in law broughtt wine and his friend brought chocolate and we all ate until we couldn't eat anymore.

We all know I'm not domestic - I don't cook anything that's complicated.  So, I of course bought a pre-cooked turkey and all I had to do was warm it up.  But, I did doctor it up a bit, and let me tell you, it was SO. DAMN. GOOD.  Super simple (because that's all I can do!) - I chopped up 2 medium onions, 3 cloves of garlic and 2 celery stalks.  I stuffed half the mixture inside and the other half, I rubbed on top.  I poured half a box of chicken stock inside the turkey and the other half over the top.  I rubbed olive oil on the skin and sprinkled salt, pepper and rosemary on top and let it sit covered with foil in the refrigerator for a few hours before cooking.  It came out of the oven a super moist herby, garlicy flavor and I will definitely be doing the same thing again next year.  It was a hit!

But anyway, I wanted to tell you that I'm trying something new.  I joined the ShopStyle Collective! If you're not sure what ShopStyle is, you can read about it HERE.  Basically, it's a website that links major retailers into one site, so when you search for an item you're looking for, it will bring you results from all over the web.  That way you can do all of your shopping in one place instead of hitting up different sites.  And it's an awesome tool for bloggers like me who love to share all things beauty and fashion.

Since I've been doing so many outfit posts lately (which was never my intention, but it's been a natural progression of this blog), I thought I'd start using this site to share my fashions.  This way, I can give you direct links to everything I'm wearing, and if you want to buy something I post or something similar, you can find it much easier.  So, I'm going to start with my Thanksgiving outfit!

My dress is a simple denim dress that I picked up at Gap on the clearance rack a few weeks ago.  I paid only $16 for this dress and I love it!  It's not available on their site anymore, but I linked to one they offer now that is similar. 
And my shoes.  OMG.  They are freaking AMAZING and on sale RIGHT NOW at Lord and Taylor.  You NEED these Sam Edelman shoes in your life.  They are sexy and fun and I'm obsessed with them. 
So, here are the links to these items for you to shop more easily!  

Also, if you are on Instagram, you can get these links sent straight to your email!  Do this - 
1 - Sign up at SHOPSTYLE.it
2 - Click "LIKE" on any photo with #shopstyleit in the description
3 - Check your email and shop away!

That's it!  Hope you'll start using the service!  I love this site! It makes things so easy - especially shopping on Instagram.  There are so many bloggers with amazing style using this service.  You'll never have to wonder again where they got their clothes!

Until next time,


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