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Change your look for $1??? It's so easy!

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Hi there!

It really is SO easy to give yourself a new look really fast - just add GLASSES! Not real glasses - those are expensive.  But there are plenty of places where you buy fashion frames to add an extra, fun accessory to your outfit and also completely change your look.
I decided to make this post into a video because it's easier to show you then tell you. As I say in the video, I've been obsessed with fake glasses since I was in high school!  I shared photos in the video of different ones I've worn over the years.  So I just wanted to tell you about a sale I found the other day that got me a TON of new glasses for super, super cheap.  I'm talking $1 cheap! 

In the video I showed you my cheap glasses haul from Hot Topic. There was a bin of glasses that were all only $1 or $3.  I was able to pick up 3 pairs of fashion frames and several more pairs of sunglasses.  Here are some photos (these are in the video also). 

Some of these glasses are available for purchase on the Hot Topic site, but I have found that they are NOT selling for $1 of $3, so you will need to visit a store for these prices! I have included links below the photos for the ones that were avaialble online. 
 Not available online. $1 in store.
 Not available online. $1 in store.
Not available online. $1 in store.
Not available online. $1 in store.

Don't sleep on these little chain boutiques for fun accessories for CHEAP! It's always fun to add in a fun accessory to spice up your look, and for $1, you've got no reason not to try! 

If you pick any of these up in store, tag me in a photo of it! I'd love to see!

Until next time, 


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  1. Eyewear really does go a long way to changing up a look. I especially like the ones with wood grain detail, thanks for the tip. Happy Birthday Mr. Dimples, this post was so touching Michelle. Now you got me feeling all emotional this morning.