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Birthday Suit

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Hi there!

So, I never intended for my blog to be a straight-up fashion blog, but my Instagram is full of #OOTD photos, just because I couldn't keep up with blogging enough to keep my IG active! And my captions are sooooo long, so I'm thinking that maybe I should just move them to the blog.

So here we go.
I bought this dress from Forever 21 a few months ago and have been DYING to wear it!!!  But I hadn't found the right occasion. I didn't want to waste it on a boring day, but I always had something fancier to wear on my night's out.  But, summer is officially over and I needed to take advantage of the weather and get this piece worn!

It's my #3's 2nd birthday today and we spent the morning at Kohl's Children's Museum.  It was a very un-relaxing trip, but whatever.  My kids had fun. This was an easy choice for today - a special day, but still casual. 

There are so many things that I love about this piece. It was great for today's weather, which was hot and super humid! The length is awesome - I love a maxi dress. The high elastic waist hits in just the right spot.  But what I love the most is the split. It's got a button-front, but it only buttons down to hip level.  Below there, it's free and flowy. And what a fun little surprise when it flows and someone notices you're wearing something underneath it!? It's hard to know right away that it's not just a plain old dress!
You have to wear it with some sort of bottom, but you can choose various things. I'd considered black leggings, but opted for jean. You could also wear it with shorts (as shown) or even use it as a swim cover up on your next vacation.
This dress is still available at Forever 21 for a super reasonable  $24.90. If they had it in other colors, I would buy then all! 

What do you think? Do you like???

Until next time,


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