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My last baby

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Hi there.

It's 7:30 am and my babies are eating breakfast and I'm sitting on the couch trying to recover from another fit of crying. These last 2 weeks I've cried more over nonsense than I've cried in probably 2 years. What made me cry this morning? My #3 asked me for milk.

He actually SAID "Milk!" He sad it perfectly. And, to me that's a big deal, because he doesn't have a lot of words. He is very, very good at communicating, just not with words. Even though he doesn't speak in full sentences yet like my other 2 did at his age, his words are coming and I'm so proud.

He'll be 2 tomorrow. I think that's why I'm so emotional about everything he's been doing lately. I'm just so proud of him!  He's the perfect kid. Everything he does is so special. And these awesome moments he's been having are making it apparent that he's not a baby anymore, even though I try to pretend he is.

He's got a lot of new words and phrases. Last week he said his sister's name for the first time. Yesterday he saw his brother's stuffed animal and yelled out "Tiger!" I just squeezed him, I was so proud! He got stuck getting off our high bed and said "Hep Ooo" which was his version of "Help You" (instead of "help me." It's normal for kids his age to get their pronouns confused).

2 weeks ago we put him into the toddler program  at the Montessori school full time. He cried so hard at drop off every day for the first 2 weeks. I cried too, because I hate to see my little man sad, EVER. But on Monday, the first day of the 3rd week, we got to the school and he was happy. Not one single tear or even a sad face. When I opened the door to let him in his classroom, he just turned around, waved and said "Bye!" like the first 2 weeks never happened. I started crying immediately, with one of his teachers standing right there.  He's such a big boy! And it's ridiculous, but it's making me so sad!

He's my last baby and because of that I just try to enjoy every little moment with him. Every cuddle, every tantrum (but his tantrums are MILD, because he's perfect), every toy he throws over the stair railing from the top floor, every splash of water on the floor from the bathtub, every time he grabs and twists and wrinkles my shirt in comfort when he's tired, every time he takes his diaper off and pees on the floor...I just can't be upset with him! Because I won't get moments like these again. I just want him to have fun and be happy and I just like to stare at him while he laughs at his own mischief.  

These 2 years with him have been perfect.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my first two babies to the Uranus and back. They are perfect, too!  But my baby has just stolen my heart with his sweet smile, blonde curls, ADORABLE giggle and, don't forget his DIMPLES!!!!!! He has dimples for days and he's gorgeous. And I love him. And I cried several more times while typing this. And I'm so excited for his birthday tomorrow. And I love him. And I love him. And I love him. 

The end.

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1 comment

  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Dimples, this post was so touching Michelle. Now you got me feeling all emotional this morning.