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First Week of School Done!

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Hi there!
We did it.  We survived the first week of school!! (Bummed. I don't feel comfortable sharing the photos I have from the first day because they have other people's kids in them or give the name of their schools. Sorry!!!)

It's Saturday night, 9:41PM and I'm already in bed. This summer wore me out and waking up at 6am every day, including today, is going to take some getting used to!!!

So far, everyone is doing well. #1 is happy to be back with his friends. #2, well...she's going to take some time to adjust. But we haven't had any bad reports on her yet. Well, on Friday she did refuse to participate in PE and laid down on the floor. We'll work on that. 

#3 is back at his Montessori program after a month off. He fussed a little on the first day, I think just because he heard other kids crying and it upset him. But Friday, he was just fine at drop-off.

I'm going to try to blog more regularly this school year. I've kind of fallen into the habit of only blogging when it's sponsored, but that's not what I started this for. My tag line does say "The Diary of a Haute Mom." But it's not a diary if I'm only writing sponsored posts. It's just an advertisement page. And that's not what I want!

So even though my calendar is already jam-packed for this year, I'm going to make an effort to get on here more and share more personal things, more parenting ideas, and of course more makeup and fashion.

So let's start with this outfit from BooHoo. Because I'm OBSESSED with BooHoo these last few weeks and they keep having 50% Off Sales and I CAN'T RESIST THEM!!!
As I type this, everything is 50% off! SO GO SHOPPING NOW!!!!

Plus Abbi Ripped Knee Stretch Skinny Jean

Plus Dawn Frill Detail Sweat Top

adidas Originals Superstar - Women's   

Until next time!


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