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Exuvience Age Reverse Hand Rejuvenator Review

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I received this product for free but all opinions are my own.
Hi there!
I'm 37 now and, maybe it's in my head, but I'm feeling like I'm starting to look freaking OLD!!! So I've been taking my skin care more seriously lately and using a ton of anti aging products. I even use a micro needler a few nights a week. I'll do whatever it takes to age well. I'm not down with wrinkles at all. Grey hair, I'm good with. Wrinkles are a no.

But you can't just treat wrinkles on your face!!! Your neck is super important to keep smooth and YOUR HANDS will give you away SO FAST!!!!  
I've actually tested and shared another Exuviance anti-aging product before. You can read that post HERE! As I said in that post, I learned that the founders of this skincare line, Dr. Van Scott Dr. Yu, are also the inventors of the Glycolic Peel (a chemical peel where the acid breaks down the top few layers of skin to reveal fresh, radiant skin beneath.) They offer a large array of products ranging from day to night, peels and masks, even makeup.  

I received this Exuviance Age Reverse Hand Rejuvenator to test for free. It's supposed to help helps diminish all the signs of aging on hands – crepiness, loose skin, and dark spots. 10% Citric Acid Peel formulation exfoliates rough texture and smooths skin and a NeoGlucosamine® + CitraFill® Cream minimizes the appearance of dark spots, smooths crepiness, and firms skin for younger looking hands.

I'll be totally honest - I don't have any of those problems on my hands. But I'm down for prevention so I tested it out just to see how it feels!

It's easy to use - 

Before bed, apply Hand Rejuvenator Peel to back of clean hands with a cotton pad or ball, applying 2-3 layers. Allow the peel to absorb fully for about 1 minute, then follow with a generous application of Hand Rejuvenator Cream. Cotton gloves can be worn over the cream, if desired. In the morning, apply the Hand Rejuvenator Cream to the back of hands and allow at least one hour before washing hands. 
The brand recommends that you use the  
Hand Rejuvenator Peel daily in the evening and the Hand Rejuvenator Cream twice a day (once in the morning and and at night).

The Peel doesn't tingle or anything and it has no scent. The Cream is...interesting. It does feel very moisturizing, but it's a bit oily. I don't mind the oil, but it actually left my hands feeling a big odd. It leaves a film behind and my fingers felt almost sticky. But if it will help with aging, I'm willing to suck that up. It's only twice a day.

This product is not cheap. It does cost $65. But you don't need much to complete the process, so it should last for a while. Plus - I'm willing to pay to not look freaking old!!!
I will continue to use this and let you know if it has the effects it says it's supposed to. I'm so bad at sticking to beauty routines though! Keep on me about this if you're really interested in how it works.

Until next time!


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