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Evereve at the Planetarium

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  Hi there!
Today I spent the day with my 7 year old niece and my 3 year old son having some good fun!  

It's Columbus Day, so they were off school. My other 2 kids don't get the day off - they go to private school and they get a lot of other random days off.

We went out for a quick breakfast then headed downtown to the Adler Planetarium. The kids played in the play area, we saw a movie that was a simulation of a rocket into outer space - the kids loved that one. We made stomp rockets. It was a good time.

I actually didn't even tell my oldest that my niece was coming to spend the day with me because he would have been really upset that he couldn't spend the day with her. But I did bring her to pick him up from school and he was super surprised and happy to see her when he walked outside. I took my #2 to her piano lesson while the other kids sat with my dad for 30 minutes and we had dinner at Red Robin before I drove her home. I got a text that she said she had a great day and that makes me happy!
I wore this cute blush pink tee from Zara. I've only recently begun venturing into Zara, and I've discovered that there are things in there that will fit me. This tee is a size large! I bought 2.
My jacket and jeans are from Evereve.  BTW - have you entered the $500 giveaway that I told you about?!?!?! It ends soon so ENTER NOW!!! It's super easy!
Until next time,


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1 comment

  1. Cute pink top, and you are rockin' that jacket mama! You look gorgeous!