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Boo(Hoo)!!! It's Halloween!

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Hi there!
Just wanted to share my Halloween shenanigans with you all :)

The last 2 years we have done a family costume.
But this year, #1 refused to participate. He wanted to be Jay, the Blue Ninja from Ninjago. 

That's ok. I want him to be happy on Halloween.
#2 decided to be Lego Batgirl. These costumes are really awesome and I am now super happy they chose them. The masks make them look just like the movies!!!
#3 is obsessed with Paw Patrol and when he saw this Chase costume, that was it. Nothing else would be considered.  

So I had to figure somethiilng out for myself. I already had this bodysuit from Boohoo hanging in my room and my #1 saw it and told me my costume was a skelton. So, here you go!
I did my makeup in the car on the way to pick up the kids from school so it's sloppy, but whatevs! It's done!

I had pics taken in the other body suit linked below but haven't gotten them back yet. I'll update this post and share on Instagram when I get them!
I hope everyone has a great time Trick or Treating tonight!!! It's cold here in Chicago so stay warm!!!

Until next time,


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