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My Kids Are Cute. Should I Share Them More???

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Hi there!

You've probably noticed that even though my blog is called The Glam MOM, there is not very much evidence on this site that I'm ACTUALLY a mom.  Photos of my children make an occasional appearance, but overall this is just me.

I'm thinking about changing that, but I haven't fully made up my mind. There are so many creeps on the Internet. I share a lot of my kids on my private Facebook page, but my blog and Instagram are public and I do worry about people stealing my kids photos for weird purposes.

And yes, I know even my private Facebook isn't REALLY private. But at least I feel like I have SOME control over it.
But my kids are just SO CUTE!!! I want the world to see them!!! Plus, my little girl - #2 - LOVES dressing up and posing (I wonder who she gets that from???) and I just love taking her photos because she's such a little doll. So I'm gonna start here and see where this goes.

My kids all have a modeling agent and every 3 months I have to update their photos and measurements. I'm behind on this, so yesterday I took advantage of the fact that they'd just had a bath and it wasn't freezing cold to grab their update photos.
#2 just looked so so so cute and I want to share her! Especially since she's wearing this super cute dress from BooHoo.
I love BooHoo for myself and they have super cute kids clothes starting at size 4. She usually wears a 5T, but I bought her this dress in a size 5/6, and I think it fits her pretty well. Maybe a little long, but that just means she'll be able to wear it for a while.
We layered it with this vest I found hidden in her closet from Crazy8. Crazy 8 is going out of business I think, so this vest isn't available anymore but I linked a similar one from Kohls that is really reasonably priced.

So what do you think? Should I start featuring my kids more??? I'm curious on other moms' thoughts on this.
Until next time,

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