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Google Home Mini Event!

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Hi there,
Today there was a cool event happening downtown for the launch of Google's new Google Home Mini. I was able to go and claim a new Google Home Mini for my family and I'm so excited!
I previously reviewed Google Home when they released their 'New Parents e-Book'. And, for real, ever since we got Google, we use it Every.Single.Day. My kids ask it questions constantly and I'm always blasting music on it. I grabbed this new mini with the idea of putting it upstairs in our house. Our original is in the kitchen. My kids are going to be so excited to have another one!
The event is set up like a donut shop - because Mini is the size of a donut. Yes, it's that small! It comes in 3 colors - red, grey or black. I got grey. The line was pretty long, but thankfully I was able to bypass that thanks to blogger perks! But once it's your turn to go into the donut shop, you ask Google a question and after she answers it, you will get a surprise in a box - either 2 delicious donuts, or a Google Home Mini!
I went with my husband and we got one of each! There is no guarantee you will walk out with a Google Home, but a 50/50 chance may be worth it if you really want this technology in your home.
So check it out if you have time!!! It's running today and tomorrow (11/5 and 11/6) from 10am-6pm at 435 N Michigan Ave, in the common area between the Tribune Tower and the River. If you go and get one, let me know!!!

Until next time,


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