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Halloween Book Favorites!

Hi there! 

Halloween is next week, so we've been reading a lot of fun, not at all scary Halloween books lately, so I thought I'd share the ones that my kids have been asking for over and over.  I've included affiliate links to each book in case any catch your interest.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - 
This is a fun picture book telling the same story as the classic movie.  My #1 has no interest in the whole movie, but he loves the "This is Halloween" song and recognizes Jack Skellington.  But even though he doesn't want to watch the movie, he LOVES this book.
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Where's My Mummy - 
Such a cute story about Baby Mummy playing Hide-And-Seek with his Mommy Mummy.  He's not afraid of anything he finds in the forest, except...
You'll have to read it to find out!
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The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin - 
I actually picked this book, and another in the series (below) at Goebbert's Pumpkin Farm.  When my kids are begging for toys or treats, I try to distract them with book.  These Spookley books were a great distraction!  All about a pumpkin who is different learning that his differences make him really special and those around him love him just the way he is.
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The Ugly Pumpkin - 
This is another book about learning why your differences make you special.  This "pumpkin" finds just where he belongs.
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Happy Halloween, Daniel Tiger - 
Don't all kids love Daniel Tiger??? This is a fun lift-the-flap book about what Daniel and all his friends dress up as for Halloween.  Even Trolley joins in the fun!
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Monster Trouble - 
This little girl is not afraid of monsters but they are keeping her awake at night and she's so tired!  She tries everything to stop them, and is surprised to learn what MONSTERS are afraid of.
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Skeleton For Dinner - 
This is a super cute story about a cutie skeleton misunderstanding a common phrase used by his friends, the Witches. Once he understands what he heard, he's not afraid anymore.
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Spookily the Square Pumpkin: A Family to be Thankful For - 
Just like in the book above, Spookley is feeling down about being a Square Pumpkin, but by the end, he learns that his friends love him just the way he is.
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Curious George: Haunted Halloween - 
This time, George isn't the one causing mischief!  He's solving the mystery of No Noggin, and helping everyone in his town feel safer on Halloween.
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These last 2 books, we haven't read recently, but they are still worth a look!

We haven't read Room on the Broom since last fall because it got moved into the basement and we haven't brought it back up for daily reading, but my kids love love loved it. A cute story about a nice witch who picks up friends on her ride, and her friends end up saving her from a bad guy after her broom breaks.
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I Need My Monster - This book was taken out of rotation because baby #3 ripped a page out of it and I haven't gotten around to taping it back, haha!  But this is a funny story about a boy whose favorite monster went on vacation and he just can't find a suitable replacement to help him get to sleep at night. 
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I KNOW there is at least one more that we got last year that the kids loved, but I can't find it or remember the name.  If I do, I'll update the list and re-post.  

Hope those of you that are looking to expand your Halloween/Fall book collection found this list helpful!!!  If you've read any (or all!) of these, let me know!  And if you have any other suggestions of books I should pick up, please tell me!

Until next time,


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  1. What was I scared of by Dr. Seuss was my favorite as a kid.

    1. I never saw this comment Sheena! I will check that one out for next year! Thanks so much!