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#WearWhatWhereOctober Syle Challenge - Week 1 Roundup

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Hi there!

If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know I'm taking part in the @WearWhatWhere Style Challenge for October.  I never completed the September challenge I started, and I think it was because I didn't look ahead at the prompts and have anything planned.  So for this first week, I planned and succeeded!  We'll see how next week goes!  But here is a run-down of the pieces I chose and why.

Day 1 - Gray Gradients

Dress - Forever 21 (LINK)
Boots - Just Fab (LINK)
Glasses - Aldo Shoes.  I got these on sale for $5 at the Fashion Outlets in Rosemont!

I'll be honest - I didn't actually wear this dress on Day 1, because I wasn't going ANYWHERE that day. I just waited at home for a contractor that day, so it seemed a waste to wear it.  Instead, I wore it for date night on Saturday night.  

Day2 - A (J) Crew of Blue

Sweater - Forever 21 (LINK) This sweater is not from the plus size section, it is regular size Large, and still fits perfectly! I HAD to have it!
Blue Tank - (so old) from Old Navy
Jeans - (old) from H&M
Boots - (ALMOST 10 YEARS OLD!!!) From Steve Madden.

I've seriously had those boots since at LEASE 2006, but possibly before that, and I still love them so much and wear them all the time!  I remember I got them during the Friends and Family sale for a super discount.  Like $40, or something.  And they are still in great shape!

Affiliate Link - 

Day 3 - Tee Time

Celfie Tee - Zulily a few months ago
Denim Vest - Mossimo
Flare Black Stretch Pants - Forever 21 (LINK)

I seriously LOVE these knit pants.  I almost bought 2 pairs just in case one got a hole or something.  BUT, I didn't do it.  Yet.  

Day 4 - Denim Darling

Denim Shirt Dress - Forever 21 (LINK)
Boots - (old) Massimo
Bag - Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (2014)

So that's the breakdown of what I chose for the first week of this challenge. I'm finding it SO FUN!  Most of the outfits I'm wearing here are fairly new.  I live very close to The Fashion Outlets in Rosemont, and find myself hitting up Forever 21 a few times a month.  But, this challenge got me pulling out boots and shoes I haven't touched in YEARS!  That's why I love these kinds of challenges - it gets me looking at clothes I ordinarily pass over.  You might have noticed I started using the hashtag #wearwhatyouhave.  That's because of the shoes here. Next week I have even more pieces prepped that I've looked over for a while.  Looking forward to sharing week #2!  

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,


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