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Hi there!

My kids have recently started watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS (out of guilt that they've been watching too much TV, we've started defaulting to PBS instead of the Disney Channel so we can at least feel like they are learning something!).  Since Daniel Tiger is a spin-off from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, I checked Netflix to see if there were any episodes available, and there were a ton!  Since husband and I grew up watching Mr. Rogers, we thought it would be fun to expose the kids to him and show them where Daniel Tiger came from.

The 2nd episode we watched with the kids featured a segment with Bill Nye The Science Guy!  I LOVE him!  He demonstrated this experiment, and since we had all of the necessary items, we decided to try it with the kids. 

This video is of the 3rd time we attempted this. The first time worked great!  The second time, I didn't apply the balloon properly and it flew off the bottle.  This video shows how to do it properly.  But by this point, the kids had lost interest.

Anyway.  Enjoy!

Until next time!


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