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Saras Fashion!

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Hi there!

I'm always on the lookout for cute, affordable clothes for my kids - especially my girl, because - well she's my only girl and I love dressing her up!  She's my little doll!   Special occasion dresses can sometimes be hard to find.  Yes, department stores have nice dresses, but EVERYONE shops at those stories, so your dress isn't necessarily special. I'm so glad that Monica from emailed me and asked me to check out their site!  Sara's Fashion has SO MANY DRESSES!!!

Monica let me choose one dress for my baby girl as a gift and, man, did I have a TOUGH time choose!  But I finally picked one and - It. Is. GORGEOUS!!!  Just look at my little princess in this dress!!!

Ugh.  She's so dang cute!  I LOVE this dress and so many others on this site!  

You can find the dress my girly girl is wearing HERE - 

At Sara's Fashion you can search by color, size, price, type and season.  They have flower girl dresses, baptism dresses, dresses perfect for any holiday.  The selection is great and the prices are SUPER affordable! You NEED to check it out!  

Thanks again to Monica for letting me know about this site and for gifting my daughter this beautiful dress!  I hope you guys will give the site a look and that you will find something perfect for your next special event!!!

Until next time!


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