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Hi there,

Recently I was introduced to, a website that features more than 800 brands and offers free shipping.  I curated my own Grown Up Christmas List from the site, and it's been FUN!

I don't really NEED anything - I'm the luckiest girl in the world and I have everything I need and want, and then some.  But, it's always fun to shop around, right!?  There are so many things on the Shop Spring app I never knew I wanted!!!  So, here are just a few:

Christian Louboutin Victoria Kid Platform Pumps
I'm so cheap when it comes to shoes, so investing in Louboutin's is just not something I'm ready to do.  But, I love a simple black platform! They are sexy but still comfy.  I would love to have these in my collection.
I'm really into lip color these days.  It can make any basic makeup look just pop!  And matte finishes are really popular right now.  I've been using a lot of matte finish liquid lipsticks these days.  I'd love to splurge on one of this brand's colors.  Look at this packaging!  It's just divine! But...$90 is really out of my price range.
Basically, I'll wear anything with studs.  I LOVE this mini!  It's waaaay too expensive, but this is a WISH list, not a REALITY list :) LOL!
I love a nice handbag.  Zac Posen is a brand I've never given much thought, but when I saw this bag on the app, I fell in love! And the price is fairly reasonable.
Because...I just can't.
I love a menswear shoe for women.  These are FIRE! I would sleep in these.  There's only one pair left.  In a size 7.  I wear an 11.  I'm sad. :(
I love these keytags.  They offer so many that are super funny, like "Donut Care," "Yaaaaaaas," "Trophy Wife," "Bitch," and so on.  I want them all!
So, that's it! I wouldnt be sad if someone bought me these things for Christmas. (Can someone make sure my husband sees this, please? Thanks :) LOL! (Just Kidding. Kind of.)

Until next time,


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  1. I love the I can't adult today sweatshirt! That is so me, there so many days when I just can't adult and think "life, please, just STAPH making me adult right now!". I really like your wishlist, the studded mini skirt - omfg. Would wear that, scared to check the price though. I'm really good at making great excuses as to why I need another skirt in my closet. Loved the post!

    Viv xxx

    1. Vivi I totally don't want to adult on most days! But my little people force me to. Bummer :-( haha! That skirt - it's $450. So, nope. I'll just keep wishing! Lol! :-) thanks for reading!!!!