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Current WhoWhatWear Favorites - July 2017

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Hi there!

I'm sure you've noticed that I'm a total Target Fashionista LOL! Most of my clothes come from Target just for sheer ease. I can buy eggs, diapers and a cute dress all in one place!

But two weekends ago , my friend's mom complimented the dress I was wearing to my nephew's baptism and when I told her it was from Target, she said she never finds anything she likes there! Honestly, I hear that a lot and am SHOCKED every time! I feel like there are so many cute pieces in there, especially from the WhoWhatWear line. Don't tell my husband but I bought four tops from this line just yesterday LOL! 

There are ALWAYS new pieces to choose from. WhoWhatWear stop taking all my money!!!

So here is roundup of a few of my faves that are currently available from this particular line, starting with this dress I wore this past weekend.
Isn't this BEAUTIFUL!?!?!??!  Seriously - I've never seen a dress THIS pretty at Target.  I wish I could wear it everyday!!!
Here are a few more pieces I've picked up in the last month or so. Some I've worn, some I haven't, but no matter what I LOVE them and will wear them again and again!
There are a ton of other pieces that for some reason aren't yet avaialbe on the website!  When I shoot them, I'll of course link them if I can! 

But next time you're in Target, be sure to check out this line!!! Everything is under $50 and super super stylish and fun.  

Until next time,


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