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SoCozy #SplashHappy Summer Box Review

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I received all products mentioned
for free but all opinions are my own.
Hi there!
You might remember a few months ago I shared my LOVE for SoCozy's curly line. We are still using the the entire line and my kids LOVE the smell of it. So, I was so excited to receive their Swim line!!!

SoCozySplash Swim 3in1 is a shampoo,conditioner AND body wash that cleanses and repairs damage to hair caused by pool chemicals, saltwater and the sun. Activated charcoal adsorbs and removes unwanted green tones, calcium salts, and chlorine buildup from the hair. A special blend of antioxidants and vitamins infuse hair with moisture. It leaves your body clean from head to toe!
Thanks SoCozy for this super cute piggy
shower cap! We had fun with it at the pool!
I received this box at the PERFECT time - the day before we were heading to the pool for the first time this summer for my niece's birthday party. So we tested it out at bath time that night!

My husband did the washing and he commented immediately about how the shampoo lathered so amazingly with only using a little bit.
I took over to wash my youngest and I found out that this shampoo is NOT tear free. OOPS! He was unhappy for a while, but he was ok in just a little bit of time. 
It definitely cleaned their hair well. My boys hair tends to not need conditioner to detangle, but my daughter does. I must admit that this 3-in-1 did NOT condition my girl's curls enough to detangle.  But, the saving grace was the leave in conditioner, which did give it enough slip to brush the curls out without tears. But my girl did NOT like the scent of the spray at all. She plugged her nose and actually asked me to wash it out.  I distracted her enough to get her to forget about the scent while I finished brushing her hair. But she did ask me the next day not to use the spray on her again, so I won't. 
I think this line has a great objective - getting all the chemicals from pool water out of your kids'  hair is important! I would definitely use this on my kiddos again. I just need to be careful not to get it in their eyes. And even thought my daughter didn't like the scent of the spray (it smells like coconuts, which I think is perfect for summer, but she didn't agree!), it did detangle her hair very well. I'll just use it on my boys and myself LOL!

BONUS to this box from SoCozy - they sent a little something for ME too!  
SoCozy teamed up with  37 Actives and FranceLuxe Hair and sent some other goodies. I can't wait to try this 37 Actives cleanser and  cream!  I'm ALL ABOUT anti-aging ANYTHING!!!!  I'm trying to stay looking YOUNG! Maybe I'll update on these later. 
The FranceLuxe hair ties are AWESOME! They are super thick and strong, metal free and they work great on my girl's thick, curly hair. Plus she loves the colors, so they have been getting a lot of use.  

Run out and pick up some SoCozy products - you will love them I swear! You can get them on Amazon! 
Hope you have a #SplashHappy rest of summer!!!

Until next time,

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