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Testing My Confidence in Fashion Nova

Hi there!  
My Facebook friends have already seen that I wore this kind of crazy dress in public a few days ago. Let me tell you - this was NOT EASY for me to wear!!!

I binge watched the first 6 seasons Game of Thrones a few months ago and now I'm obsessed like the rest of the world. So, when I found out that the White Sox were having a Game of Thrones night promotion, I made up my mind to go in an outfit inspired by MissandeiDaenerys Targaryen's right-hand girl. I found this dress on Fashion Nova and thought it would be perfect. More "inspired by" than an actual costume. 
It's way sexier than anything I've ever bought in my whole life. I think I am conservative in my style and I try really hard to hide the parts of my body that I think are flawed. Just looking at this dress, I knew it would expose every single thing I hate about myself. 

But I bought it anyway. 

It was the wrong color so, I ended up dying it.  
It was supposed to be blue, but it turned grey. Better than pink, so I just went with it.

And then I bought a ton of stuff to get myself into it.

How did I get my saggy boobs to stay into this dress you ask? Tape.  A lot of tape.  
The Bring It Up Breast Lift Tape lifted my horrible boobs up enough that I didn't worry people would think I was an 80 year old with really good skin. The nipple covers because, obviously. And the dress tape to adjust the shape of my boobs a bit (because the Lift Tape made them kind of a funny shape) and to keep the dress from shifting around too much.  

But in all honesty - all the tape in the world could not make me comfortable in this dress. 

I wore a sweater the entire night. I only took it off to take the photos.
We waited about 45 minutes for this photo
I actually brought my biggest handbag and put an extra dress and and bra in it because I was sososososososoooooooooo nervous about wearing this in public. If it wasn't for my husband's encouragement, I wouldn't have even left the house like this, none-the-less walked into a stadium with 30,000 other people.

But I did it. At the end of the day, it was just a costume and I'll never wear it again. And I don't really have anything to be embarrassed about. I'm not skinny. Oh well. I have real, large not-at-all perky boobs. Oh well. I'm not the only one who has these things and I'm not the only one who has insecurities. I just put mine on display for a LOT of people. And I've survived. 
But really, I'm never wearing this again LOL!

Until next time,


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  1. that was me above, posting using my work account (oops)..here's what I wrote:
    It really looks quite gorgeous, if you want to know the truth! I can tell by how you're smiling that you partly just want to float away, but I'm with Andrew. ALSO, the way the dress lightly caresses your waist and hips is something I wouldn't have expected, given its cut. Well done!!

    1. Thanks Beth!!! I'm rarely nervous about how I look but this dress had me TERRIFIED!!! I was basically hiding behind him LOL! But it looks much better in photos than it looked in my mirror, thank goodness!