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Glam or Slam - The Lip Pencil by BITE

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Hi there!

Influenster sent me the new Lip Pencil by BITE Beauty and I just want to share my thoughts on them really quick.  

I received the new Lip Pencil in two colors - 
020 - Beige Nude
044 - Rick Mahogany

I also received matching Amuse Bouche lipsticks in the color Honeycomb (nude) and Whiskey (dark burgundy.

I'll keep it simple - I like them!

The lip pencils are creamy, apply really smoothly, have great color payoff and don't leave my lips feeling dry.

I honestly felt after applying the liner that I could just apply a little clear gloss over it and be set - the color payoff is that good.  

But I went ahead and layers the corresponding lip colors over each and LOVE the results.
This is 020 Lip Pencil with Honeycomb
This is 044 Lip Pencil with Whiskey
And this is 044 Lip Pencil with Whiskey and then 
Honeycomb applied on top to tame the color a bit
I'd say the 3rd combination is my favorite.  Remember - you can always mix and match your lip colors to come up with new colors!  Don't feel like you're stuck with that's in the tube!!!

Anyway - I give these pencils a GLAM!  Check them out!

Until next time!


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