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Working Out with One Love One Tribe Apparel

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The clothing was sent to me for review, but all opinions are my own.

Hi there!
New year, new me, right??? No. I'm kidding. I'm still the same old me! BUT - I could stand to drop a few pounds and I know this. So...I've started going to the gym. Not consistently, but in all honesty, I hadn't been to the gym since 2012 so the fact that I've been 5 times in the last month I'd say is a major accomplishment for me LOL!

Going to the gym is just not me. I have to sweat. It messes up my hair. Workout clothes are not cute. Wait - scratch that.  My workout clothes ARE CUTE!!!
One Love One Tribe provided me with these seriously cool flare yoga pants and cute tops to wear for my workouts and I LOVE them!!! They are super comfortable, lightweight, and the patterns are really fun! 
One more thing - they are reversible. Each piece provides 2 very different looks!  
And one more thing - many pieces go up to a size 3X!!! A HUGE draw for me as a plus size woman.

And one MORE thing - they are made from recycled water bottles!!! Seriously. Cute AND good for the environment!!!

You have to read about Bobbie, the owner, and her history of philanthropy and how she is using her fun, fashionable active wear to help the world.  
Here I'm wearing the Vintage Blue Hawaii Bell Bottoms.  I love them!  I'm a big bell bottom/flare lover, so this cut is just my style. I also love that they have a super high waist!!! So I wasn't at all uncomfortable wearing them with the coordinating Sports Bra. I've already worn these to the gym twice! Not a fan of bell bottoms? No worries! They sell leggings too! And also hoodies, shorts and other accessories!
Here I'm wearing the Buns of Steal off the Shoulder Long Top and coordinating Sports Bra. I LOVED this top!  
I wish I had more photos of myself actually working out in the clothes, but after I took this shot, I was told I couldn't take any more photos in the gym.  

Overall, I'm a fan and I totally recommend this brand - for workouts or just plain looking cute in your casual wear! Please check them out at and know that your dollars are going to a good cause!

Until next time,


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