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Bringing Back My YouTube Channel

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Hi There!

Did you guys know I used to YouTube???  Well, I did.  I started way back in 2008 and had a great time with it! I used to do makeup tutorials, makeup hauls, hair videos and also the occasional song. YouTube-ing takes SO MUCH TIME!  So, I kind of gave it up.  But I think I'm going to bring it back!

I think blogging and YouTubing go hand-in-hand these days. So, I'm thinking of set up and lighting and new videos I can record to integrate into my blog.  And I'm excited about it!  The kids are getting older, and can entertain themselves for short stretches of time, so I think I can squeeze in a video here and there.  I'll be sure to share everything I record on YouTube here on the blog.

In the meantime, I decided to share some of my older videos occasionally so you can see the types of things I used to do.  I have actually deleted MOST of my videos, as the more recent ones featured my kids heavily and I wasn't super comfortable with that. My older videos had music copyright issues or I just plain didn't like them anymore. The videos I post from now on will more often than not NOT include my children in anyway, if I can help it.

So here is one of my more popular, older videos.  I was never "guru" level, but if you check my channel you'll see I do have a small following.  I'd love to build on it.  So if you're on YouTube, be sure to hit that red SUBSCRIBE button so you don't miss any updates.

Hope you enjoy this video - a classic "Super Simple Smokey Eye."  This was recorded back in 2009.

I haven't worn this look in a long time.  It might be time to bring it back!  

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks all! And until next time,


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1 comment

  1. OMG!! Thank you for this! Sooooo going to try it as soon as I find that pencil! AND! AND! Where did you find that lash applicator?! I've tried my fingers and a lash tweezer, still cannot do it correctly!