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My Current Nail Situation

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Hi there!

I know I'm not alone in loving mani/pedis.  Before I had babies, I would go regularly - anywhere from every 2 weeks to once a month.  But now that I have kids, I can count on my fingers the number of times I've been able to go to a nail salon and have my piggies pampered.

1 - A month after #1 was born to refill the no-chip I got before he was born.
2 - When I was about to give birth to #2 (manicure included)
3 - When we went on vacation to Florida (manicure included)
4 - When we went on vacation to California (no manicure)
5 - One a girls' day with a friend while pregnant with #3
6 - When my husband decided he wanted a pedicure and said I should come along and bring #3 (A baby in a nail salon???  I'd never heard of such a thing! But I went along!)
7 - See #4. (no manicure for either)
(I think I'm missing one, but I don't remember when it was.)

That's it. And really, I can't feasibly polish my nails at home, because my kids just don't sleep long enough periods during the day for me to guarantee that they will dry.  At night, I'm just too tired to wait for them to dry! I just want to go to sleep! A few months ago, I was DYING to try a new polish color that I did my nails in the car, at stop lights (just like my makeup) and just prayed they would dry before I got to my destination.  (Don't worry, I opened my window to release fumes and also speed up drying time.) Now, that's seriously sad and ridiculous.  But when you're a SAHM with a husband who works crazy hours, sometimes you just aren't able to leave your kids for any length of time. Which means you don't get time to pamper yourself.

But I've been really missing having my nails done.  I love a good no-chip mani!  I've been seeing all these press-on nails coming to the market - Nail-Hur, Huda Beauty Nails, etc.  But they are expensive!  Like $30 a set!  But they looks so fun!  So, I decided to check into what the drugstore had to offer and decided to try out KISS brand's selection.  And - I'M HOOKED!!!

I have very large nail beds - they are wide and long.  I was afraid these wouldn't fit, but they provide a large enough selection of nails in each package that all my nails are covered perfectly!

The first set I tried were the Everlasting French.

These lasted 5 days before I decided to remove them because we were going on vacation and I didn't feel like traveling with polish remover.  But while on vacation, I picked these up at Walgreen's. 

I've tried several more styles since then and love them all!  This is my current nail situation - 

Neon designs, PERFECT for summer!  If only I was on a beach...

Each pack costs about $8 (the same as that bottle of nail polish, that you'll probably never get to use.) They are available at any drug store in a large variety of styles. They are cheaper than a mani!  And they'll NEVER CHIP!!!  (I'd always be so pissed paying $15 for a manicure only for it to chip the next day! And a no-chip is definitely no guarantee that it won't actually chip.  Plus, no-chips damage your nails.)  And if one happens to pop off, just glue it back on!!!  They've caused no damage to my nails because I remove them properly - a quick soak in acetone to loosen the glue.

So, if you're a mama like me who gets basically zero time for pampering yourself outside of your home, this might be something to try!  Let me know if you have any questions!

Until next time,


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