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Getting My "Mom Guilt" In Check

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Hi there!

So, I'd typed out this whole long story of how my daughter broke her arm. And then I deleted it because it just sounded like a pity party for the mommy, when in all reality, it's not about me at all.  My baby is the one in the cast and having trouble sleeping because she can't get comfortable, not me.  So I just need to shut up about how guilty I feel and spend my emotional energy making sure she is ok.

But a quick recap of what happened -

My #2 has a bad habit of standing on chairs and sitting on top of tables.  We tell her repeatedly to stop. We physically remove her from the dangerous situations. We've given time outs as punishment. But it hasn't stopped the behavior.  On Tuesday, I picked my littles up from their Montessori programs and started prepping dinner as soon as I got home.  But, it was after 5 already and they were hungry, as usual, and she asked me for Cheerios.  I gave her a bowl of cheerios and she climbed into a kitchen chair to eat them.  I looked over, and she was standing in the chair.  So I went over, sat her little butt in the chair and pushed it in close to the table.  I told her she had to sit to eat her snack, then I went to unload dishes from the drainer.  Next thing I know, she's screaming and on the floor.  Since I didn't see it, because my back was to the table, I don't know exactly what happened and I probably never will. But my 3 year old told me she stood up in the chair and fell down.  She says she was sitting and fell off.  I don't know who to believe, but it doesn't matter because the end result was that her Radius was snapped in half. She knew something was wrong. When I picked her up off the floor, she said to me, "Mommy, I need a doctor. Call the doctor."

You can see here her arm has a strange hump.  That's the fracture.

I was able to get her, along with my other 2 kids, to the ER.  She was so tough.  No a lot of tears, just lots of moaning and random cries of pain.  I think she was in shock.  She even dozed off in the car on the way to the hospital.  Husband met us there.  He ended up staying with her in the ER while I took the boys home.  Thankfully, my mom and dad drove through a terrible rain storm to come stay with them so I could go back to the hospital.

They gave her some drugs that really did a number on her, but I guess it was necessary to spare her the pain of having her arm snapped back into place.  Andrew took this photo, and it breaks my heart.
My poor baby looks like a zombie.  But they had to do it.

Whatever they gave her made her sick and she ended up throwing up on the way home.  Poor girl. Like she hadn't already been through enough.  She actually slept great, though.  She did wake up this morning very fussy and finally agreed to take some medicine, and that drastically improved her mood and she was awesome the rest of the morning and evening.  She slept the afternoon away - she took a 4 hour nap.  But she needed it.

This is her this afternoon.  All smiles all day, thank goodness!  And don't worry, I strapped her in before she started swinging. She'll be strapped in everywhere from now on!

The moral of this story is: if your kids climb stuff, try to get them to stop!  I'd hate to see another kiddo I know and love go through this.  I know she'll recover and be just fine (I broke my arm when I was 4 and it's just fine), but I hate that this happened to her.  Parenting is a juggling act.  There are always so many things up in the air.  At some point, something is going to fall - in this case literally.  All we can do is our best.  I thought pushing her chair in was enough.  In hindsight, maybe if I'd said "Forget those dishes, they can wait," this wouldn't have happened.  But that's not what happened, so we just have to be grateful it wasn't any worse.

On a happier note, my glam was on point that day!  Sadly, no one saw it except my baby.  Well, the hospital staff did, but they didn't really care.  #3 took a 2 hour nap, so I was able to not only do my makeup, but I also got a good chunk of laundry folded and put away!  This is a major accomplishment.  MAJOR. Here's the look - 

My face is just my basic every day makeup with a dark berry lip added (NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream in Bewitching) and some lashes (Ardell Demis). Remember that 2 hour nap the baby took? That's how that happened. My top is from Rue 21.  I'd never been in that store before last week, but I walked by and saw they had a new Plus Size department, so I decided to check it out.  This tank is not actually from the Plus Size section, but I did buy a few pieces from that section.  The detail doesn't show here, but the word "Fashion" is covered in crystals.  LOVE!  I'll try to post a photo of the detail to Instagram.  (Make sure you follow me there - @TheGlamMom.) I actually hadn't gotten around to doing my hair. I usually wear my hair up in a high bun or all down. But I really like how it looks in these photos!  I might wear this more often.  
Well, I'm exhausted.  It's been a long few days.  

Until next time,


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