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#OOTD - Glam Mom Edition #1

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If you know me, then you know I LOVE to shop!  I make no secret of it, although my husband would like if I did :)

Last year, I posted that I didn't think that moms should wear yoga pants on the daily, and my Facebook page basically exploded.  Things started getting personal, and I had to delete the post! But, even though I deleted the post, doesn't mean I changed my mind.  I still believe what I believe and you will never catch me in yoga pants unless I'm doing yoga. So...you'll never catch me in yoga pants.  I'm not trying to start a fight - been there done that.  If your yoga pants make you feel good, the by all means wear them!  You do you! I will always love you, no matter what you wear :) And I'm going to wear what makes me feel good. And I'll share it with you!  So on days when I'm feeling extra cute, I will force my husband to take my photo (which he hates doing and, honestly, isn't very good at) and I will post a Glam Mom #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day).  So, here's the first,  because I loved my outfit today!

My shoes are missing from this photo (and every photo) because...(see above regarding my photographer LOL!) 

Details - 
Vest: Mossimo from Target
Dress - Forever 21

What I want to achieve by these #OOTD postings is to show mamas that you can be comfortable AND cute at the same time! And it doesn't have to be expensive! (Trust me.  Even though I love to shop, I'm notoriously CHEAP when it comes to my clothes!)  I spent the day at the zoo in this outfit and had a great time.  I was completely comfortable.  I totally get wanting to be comfortable while running around with your kids, but yoga pants isn't the only way it can be achieved.  

Remember - If you love those yoga pants, then WEAR THEM!!! But, if you're a mama looking for some inspiration to dump those pants, keep checking here!

Until next time, 


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