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The Glam Mom #OOTD - Friday and Saturday Afternoon with QUAY AUSTRALIA!

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Hi there!

After a very tiring few days, I think we're all finally getting back into our groove.  #2 is doing so amazingly well with her injury, it's shocking.  She hasn't needed any pain medicine for 2 days now, last night we managed a real bath and hair washing and kept her cast dry, she's sleeping great, and playing with her brothers as usual.  She's her normal, sassy self.  It's making me so happy!

Yesterday husband was able to stay home for the morning, so we decided to spend some time in the back yard since she had been cooped up all day on Wednesday and Thursday.  I threw on this dress that I love, because it wasn't wrinkled!

This dress is from Forever 21.  The fabric is pre-faded.  It looks like it's worn, but not worn out.  I love it.  It's super comfy and makes my boobs look great.  Plus look at the back!

I wore this dress a few weeks ago when we spent the day at Great America and I stood in line next to a mom wearing the same dress!  She obviously has great taste.

My shoes are some of my favorites.  They are huge! But really comfortable.  The Laura Wedge from The Cape Robbin Collection ($25 on sale).  I bought them on Zulily, one of m favorite sites to shop from because the prices are really reasonable.

I decided to test out my new shades from Quay Australia!!!  This brand is very popular on Instagram.  A lot of the beauties I follow on IG rep this brand.  They were having a deal that if you purchased a certain pair of shades in a certain color, they would send you a free necklace from Bauble Bar.  Bauble Bar is another company that I've been very interested in trying out, so I figured I'd kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

I purchased the Modern Love style in Tortoise with Brown Lenses ($45) and received this necklace from Bauble Bar as a free gift.

I don't wear much jewelry these says since my baby will nibble it, but I love this delicate piece.  It's the Pyramid Spike Y-Chain Necklace, which retails for $44.  I'm way too cheap to pay that, so I'm glad I got it for free.  It's a layering necklace so I can add other pieces to it without looking over accessorized.

Saturday I spent my morning with my babies, just me and them.  The baby woke me up to nurse at 6:30am, and I just couldn't go back to sleep.  So I got up and got my glam on.  I was able to add lashes for the day (my favorite Eyelure Vegas Nay Grand Glamor lashes) and decided to add some drama with a red lip - Ruby Woo by MAC Cosmetics.

The kids and I met some other families from their school at a kiddie concert at the Lincolnwood Library.  The kids had a blast singing and dancing with their friends.  Her cast didn't stop #2 from dancing around like crazy. Yea!  Then we ran to Target.  We stopped in the Starbucks for cake pops. Then we went to Noodles and Company for a yummy lunch.  I'm typing this blog while they are all napping.  Yea for triple naps and mommy quiet time!!!

My outfit is brand new.  I'd just received my latest order from Lu La Roe and was excited to wear it!  The leggings are their signature, super soft leggings in red with a geometric design.  And the top is their new Perfect Tee in plain black.  So comfy, cute and stylish!!!  In these photos I paired them with a cute bootie that I've had forever from Bakers (which doesn't even exist anymore!). But, I decided they were just too much for what I had planned so I switched to a flat sandal from Sam and Libby for Target.

I paired this outfit with another pair of shades from Quay Australia - Steelcat in Black ($50).  Aren't they AMAZING?!!?! I've seen these on so many people and thought they were to die for, so I just decided to go for it.  I'm in LOVE. They are so funky.  And they coordinate with these leggings perfectly.

So, that's my weekend so far.  I'm not sure what we're going to do tonight or Sunday, but I'm sure we'll manage to have some fun.  We usually do.

Thanks for reading and until next time!


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  1. Lovely blue
    You look great on that outfit.Just followed your blog and became a member. Hope you will do same for me as well!